Academic/Program Calendar

The University of Illinois DPD program follows the general university academic schedule. This also includes all campus registration-related dates.

Dietetic Internship Computer Matching Process

The next step to becoming an RDN after completion of a DPD program is supervised practice in the form of a dietetic internship (DI). A computer matching process called the dietetic internship computer application process (DICAS) is used to matching interested applicants with DI programs that are also interested in them. Computer matching occurs twice a year in April and November. To learn more about this process, see the links below.

University of Illinois DPD Student Resources

Optimizing Dietetic Internship Competitiveness

Strong Grades

  • GPA of 3.2+
  • A's and B's in all FSHN courses
  • A's and B's in all science courses, preferred

Variety of Related Experience

  • Food service management
  • Clinical
  • Community
  • Research


Well-rounded Portfolio

  • Lab reports
  • Papers
  • Photos
  • Projects

Beyond Undergraduate

Get involved in FSHN