Food. Nutrition. Hospitality.

We enrich lives by making food healthier, safer, more sustainable and more affordable.
Supplying the expanding global population with nutritious and accessible food is one of humankind’s greatest challenges. The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) discovers solutions, develops technologies, and shares research that improves food security and enhances our health and wellness.

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We know you're driven to optimize health and wellness. Find out how students in our department are developing and delivering safe, nutritious, accessible, and affordable foods to local and global communities.


Higher earnings than peer graduates
Ranked #1
In 4-year graduation rates
ACES scholarships awarded annually

Student-Run Facilities


Learn how to safely prepare foods and run food service operations when you work our student-run restaurants. Bevier Café and Spice Box are both open to the public to give you real-life experiences interacting with customers.

World-Class Research


Get hands-on experience working in our labs, kitchens, restaurants and plants. State-of-the-art equipment and analytical equipment will allow you to conduct research and development alongside our world-renowned faculty.

Career Possibilities


Tailor your education to suit your unique career goals. Whether you see yourself leading a research lab, working as a clinical dietician, managing a restaurant or hotel, or treating cancers as a physician, you'll find your place with us in FSHN.


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