This area focuses on food microbiology and foodborne pathogen detection to ensure a safe and accessible food supply, as well as biomass conversion and balance across food, fuel, and fiber sources.

Faculty researching this area

Pratik Banerjee

Associate Professor

Food safety and rapid diagnostics: interdisciplinary research program in food microbiology focusing on foodborne hazards detection and intervention; molecular epidemiology and transmission of pathogens (genomics, microbiomics, bioinformatics); bacterial pathogenesis (virulence and antibiotic resistance); global food safety and security with a specific focus on the development of food safety risk and exposure assessment programs in developing countries.

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Hans Blaschek

Professor Emeritus

Food and Biomass Microbiology: genetic and physiological manipulation of clostridia; plant cell wall deconstruction; fermentation.

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Yong-Su Jin

Professor of Food Microbiology
Microbial Genomics: microbial bioconversion of biomass into value-added products, microbial genomics for linking genotypes and beneficial phenotypes. 

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Michael Miller


Food microbiology: functional genomics of lactic acid bacteria (LAB); food and industrial fermentations; gastrointestinal microbiology; food microbiology and safety.

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Shelly Nickols-Richardson


Determinants of obesity prevention and body weight regulation across the life span to lower the burden of chronic diseases, ranging from metabolic syndrome to osteoporosis. Impact of weight loss, weight loss diets and restrained eating on body composition and biomarkers of health.

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Yuan-Xiang Pan

Associate Professor

Nutrigenomics and epigenetics: nutrient-gene interaction and chronic diseases.

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Shelly Schmidt


Food chemistry: characterization of water and solids mobility, typically using water activity, isotherms, glass transition temperature and NMR, in food materials and their relationship to the physical, chemical, and microbial stability of food systems.

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Matthew Stasiewicz

Assistant Professor

Food safety microbiology: persistence of bacterial foodborne pathogens; food safety risk assessment and management; applied genomics; international food safety, particularly mycotoxin control in cereals. 

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Yi-Cheng Wang

Assistant Professor

Food Safety and Engineering: rapid diagnostic technologies for the detection of foodborne contaminants; novel active/intelligent packaging; engineering technologies for improving food safety and quality; chemical and physical interactions among functional materials, environmental factors, foodborne contaminants, and food and biological products.

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