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Nicki Jene Engeseth, PhD
Nicki Jene Engeseth, PhD

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is dedicated to implementing research, education, and outreach programs designed to promote a safe, nutritious, accessible, and affordable food supply that enhances human health. To this end, students and faculty work collectively toward learning, discovering, and disseminating new knowledge and in applying novel technologies to achieve the departmental mission. The basic human need for high quality food for optimal health and wellness drives the core of student training within the FSHN Department, as we strive to be a global leader at transforming lives through distinguished scholarship.

Undergraduate concentrations leading to the B.S. degree include Dietetics; Food Science; Hospitality Management; and Human Nutrition. Career opportunities for graduates of our program are excellent and include position titles such as nutritionist, dietitian, entrepreneur, food technologist, new product developer, owner, researcher, senior scientist, and food systems manager, among many others. Graduate students may pursue M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, focusing on original research in the general concentrations of Food Science or Human Nutrition. The FSHN Department also offers a non-thesis Professional Science Master’s degree that includes foundational courses within the department along with business and marketing courses. The University of Illinois Online Food Science Master’s Degree Program is a popular option for individuals working full-time and who desire a non-thesis M.S. degree in Food Science. Advanced degrees lead to accelerated careers in industry, government, and academia.

Research programs led by our faculty members are organized around four primary themes, including Integrated Food, Nutrition, and Health; Food Materials Science and Engineering; Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition; and Food Safety and Security. These signature areas are described in the FSHN Department’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

The FSHN Department values diversity in people, cultures, learning, and science, as we are driven by our guiding principles. Collaboration with experts in engineering, biomedical sciences, cellular and molecular biology, medicine, and multiple disciplines within the field of agricultural, consumer, and environmental sciences (ACES) is important and routine for students and faculty to promote health, wellness, and sustainable human and economic development.

I encourage you to browse the FSHN website to explore all of our opportunities for learning and discovery. Feel free to contact us at fshn-general@illinois.edu with your questions.

Nicki Jene Engeseth, PhD
Professor and Department Head, Food Science and Human Nutrition