Scholarships for students in Food Science and Human Nutrition range from $250 per semester up to $40,000 over the course of four years as an undergraduate student in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Departmental scholarships are made possible by generous individuals, families and companies.

Additionally, College of ACES students have access to more than $2 million in general scholarships. Review the requirements and deadlines for the College of ACES scholarships. Incoming first-year students do not need to submit this application. The application for admission doubles as an application for the scholarship.


FSHN Departmental Scholarships

Several scholarships are available to undergraduate students of all majors in the Department of FSHN. All eligible students will receive an e-mail from FSHN inviting them to fill out the FSHN Departmental Scholarship Application.

Willard C. and Alice C. Corbett Scholarship
Students of all majors in FSHN may apply. Dr. John Corbett earned his Ph.D. in dairy technology at the University of Illinois and worked at Dean Foods for 46 years.

Samuel E. Dean Memorial Scholarship
Any undergraduate food science student may apply.

John H. Hetrick Scholarship
Available to all food science majors.

Patricia F. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund
Selection is based on financial need and potential success in said field of study. Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate in FSHN.

Alexis J. Katsinas Scholarship
Scholarships awarded to junior or senior Hospitality Management students that demonstrate evidence of academic achievement and leadership in the field. Student must have minimum grade point average and be active in the Hospitality Management Association. Alexis J. Katsinas, a well-known restaurateur, set high standards for fine dining in Champaign-Urbana for nearly forty years before passing those responsibilities to his sons.

Kellogg’s Company Scholarship
Preference given to food science students. The leading producer of cereal and convenience foods, Kellogg products are marketed globally.

Kraft Foods Human Nutrition Scholarship
Scholarship is available to undergraduate students of all majors in FSHN, however, preference is given to under-represented minorities. Headquartered in Illinois, Kraft provides industry leadership as the most elite food company in the country.

William P. Myers Scholarship
Awarded to students in the Hospitality Management option in FSHN. Recipients selected on financial need first, then academic performance, recommendation from HM advising coordinator, evidence of hospitality-related work experience with letter of recommendation from employer or practical work experience on file, involvement with HM Association, including career goals and interest in the Hospitality Management industry. This scholarship was established by William P. Myers, president of Franchise Management Systems, Inc., Champaign.

Reinbold-Hussong Scholarship
Outstanding FSHN undergraduates majoring in food science, who demonstrate excellence and leadership in the area of food microbiology, should apply. This scholarship is in memory of Dr. George W. Reinbold, Jr. and in honor of Professor Ralph V. Hussong, both major influencers in the food technology industry.

Paul H. Tracy Award
Scholarships will be awarded to students of all majors in FSHN. Paul H. Tracy, a specialist in ice cream and milk production technology, earned his Ph.D. in Dairy Science at the University of Illinois in 1930. He was also a professor at the University in dairy manufacturing.

Swagger Foods Scholarship
Undergraduate students in food science should apply. Swagger Foods supplies the industrial, foodservice and retail markets in the United States and Canada. Tai R. (Terry) Shin received his Master’s in Food Science and his Doctorate in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Shin founded Swagger foods Corporation in 1978.

Stewart L. & Frances Tuckey Scholarship
All undergraduate majors in FSHN should apply. Stewart L. Tuckey worked at the University of Illinois, College of Agriculture for more than 44 years, recognizing that scholarship assistance is necessary to attract and retain outstanding students at the university.

Lun Shin Wei Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to a junior in food science and will be renewed for a second year if the recipient maintains a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average and submits a FSHN scholarship application. Dr. Lun-Shin Wei, Professor Emeritus in the Department of FSHN, was internationally recognized as a leader in the field of soybean utilization.

Helen House Phipps Scholarship
Scholarships will be awarded to students of all majors in FSHN. Will be based on academic merit and potential to contribute to professions relating to areas of study in the Department.

Nishida Undergraduate Research Award
Used to support two or more research awards in the area of Biochemical/Molecular Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. Preference shall be given to UG students who intend to enter graduate school and carry out graduate research in these same or related areas.

Moriarity Family Scholarship
Provide scholarships to junior or senior students who are majoring in Food Science or Human Nutrition.

Bonnie Puls Raths Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship is intended to provide funding to students who are participating in research in FSHN, exploring an interest in someday pursuing a Master's or Ph.D. First preference will be for students from Logan or Adams Counties in Illinois. Second preference will be for students who are legal residents of Illinois.

Arthur J. Siedler Endowed Scholarship
Undergraduate students in food science should apply.

Justa Kuebler Memorial Scholarship
Preference should be given to any FSHN student with a rural background.

Nickols-Richardson Family Research Fund
For students doing research in agricultural and consumer economics or agricultural and biological engineering.

Dr. James J. Albrecht Scholarship in Food Science
Underrepresented Food Science students should apply.