Confirmation of Dietetic-related Work Experience

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Online Work-Experience Reporting System

Make sure to verify your work experience by the December 15, 2020 deadline by logging into our online work-experience reporting system and documenting your hours.

Online Work Experience Reporting for August 1, 2019-August 1, 2020
Online Work Experience Reporting for August 1, 2020-August 1, 2021

At the beginning of every school year, at least 50 hours should be recorded. Please print off the email verification generated immediately after submitting your Work experience information online. This will ensure that you have record of it in case your Verification Policy requirements are audited plus it will help you keep track of your submissions.

Remember, students only need 150 hours total to receive a verification statement (which is required for entrance into a dietetic internship), but please feel free to enter more hours than the minimum hours required. Also, remember 50 hours must be completed EVERY school year to ensure continual experience throughout the Illinois dietetic program even if 150 hours is completed in one semester. Please do NOT total hours from previous work experience recordings. Only count hours from the most recent past academic year and summer.  IF YOU HAD MORE THAN ONE WORK EXPERIENCE to total the 50 hours, please complete a separate submission for EACH EXPERIENCE.  The sum of ALL the work experiences should equal 50 hours or more If you are studying abroad, the requirements must still be made.

Approved dietetic-related experiences are listed under approved experiences. If you are unsure if an experience is related to dietetics than email to get it approved.