Online MS Program Requirements

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To earn the online non-thesis MS degree, students must complete 32 hours of coursework and successfully pass an oral examination. Students who have earned up to 12 hours of graduate credit while enrolled as a non-degree student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign may petition those hours and up to 12 hours of graduate credit taken at another institution. All students must earn a grade of B or better to transfer any course towards a graduate degree.

On average, students take one course per semester, which translates into approximately 11 semesters of coursework. The oral examination is given after a student has completed all 32 hours of coursework, and it is highly recommended that a student prepare for approximately 2-3 months before taking the oral examination.

Thus, for students taking one course at a time, the degree takes approximately four years to complete. Students can register for more than one class each semester; however, it is the recommendation of the Department that a student does not participate in more than two classes in any one semester.

For a broad outline of these requirements you can view the University Campus Catalog.