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Food Science and Human Nutrition is home to several student clubs that are part of the more than 1000 student organizations on campus.

  • Association of Food Technologists

    The Association of Food Technologists holds monthly meetings, featuring guest speakers. Their purpose is to foster a close relationship amongst students and faculty. They also aim to encourage leadership and acquaint students with the scope of food science and technology and human nutrition. This organization also maintains a Facebook page.

  • Student Dietetics Association

    The Student Dietetic Association meets monthly. The group serves as an advocate of the dietetic option in the Department, serving the students and local community through promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

  • Food Product Development Club

    The Food Product Development club aims to provide students opportunities to gain experience in product development prior to entering the food industry. The club hosts product development competitions on campus, provides resources for entering competitions hosted by external organizations, introduces guest speakers from the food industry, and organizes various social activities. The club is open to all majors. Updates on club activities and opportunities can be found on the club Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Hospitality Management Association

    The Hospitality Management Association provides professional development and social opportunities for students interested in the hospitality field. They host guest speakers and take trips to visit various hospitality related businesses

  • Human Nutrition Club

    The Human Nutrition Club focuses on opportunities for students interested in the human nutrition field. They participate in a variety of professional development and social activities.

  • NutriImpact

    NutrImpact is a campus-community organization striving to bridge a connection between Dietetic professionals of the community and Dietetics students at UIUC, while reaching out to the community through nutrition education to those in need. This organization is open to any FSHN student that has interest in providing community service and nutrition education. Nutrition education is the main emphasis and we do it in many forms like handouts, presentations, posters and resource guides. We are currently helping to create a low cost renal diet to meet the needs of patients in this community and in the future will be volunteering at a local soup kitchen offering nutritional advice to customers, (along with an RD), and hopefully helping with the meals.

  • FSHN James Scholar and Undergraduate Researchers Association

    James Scholar students and others pursuing undergraduate research in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition find many learning opportunities outside of the classroom through FSHN JS/URA. Students become more aware of undergraduate research opportunities and honor programs across campus and network with students and faculty outside of the classroom.

  • Food Science and Human Nutrition Graduate Student Association (FSHNGSA)

  • FSHNGSA serves to increase interaction among faculty and graduate students by providing academic, social, and career related events. All FSHN graduate students are welcome to participate in this organization.


The Institute of Food Technologists Product Development Competition and the College Bowl are excellent opportunities to further develop knowledge and skills related to food and nutrition. The product development competition allows students to design new food products, while the College Bowl is an opportunity to test knowledge of food science and nutrition while competing against other schools in a quiz bowl format.

For more information, visit the IFTSA website.

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