Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

FSHN Faculty Research Areas

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Name Title Research
Juan E. Andrade Assistant Professor International food science and nutrition: applied technologies and strategies to reduce micronutrient malnutrition, food fortification, micronutrient deficiency diagnostics, service and experiential learning, study abroad programs.
Hans Blaschek Professor Emeritus Genetic and physiological manipulation of clostridia; plant cell wall deconstruction; fermentation.
Keith Cadwallader Professor Flavor Chemistry: Chemistry and analysis of food flavor; development and application of instrumental and sensory methods of analysis; flavor development; physical chemistry of flavor systems.
Karen Chapman-Novakofski Professor Community Nutrition: Nutrition education intervention and evaluation; osteoporosis and diabetes; internet and apps.
Hong Chen Assistant Professor Nutrigenomics and epigenetics: nutrient regulation of epigenetic modifications during human development and carcinogenesis.
Elvira de Mejia Professor Bioactive peptides and proteins in foods with health benefits focusing on reduction of inflammation, markers of type-2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular risk; functional properties of food components especially flavonoids in ethnic teas, herbs and berries.
Sharon Donovan Professor Pediatric Nutrition: Human milk and neonatal intestinal development. Development of the microbiome and host-microbe interactions. Childhood obesity prevention. Determinants of picky eating and strategies to develop healthy eating habits.
Nicki Engeseth Professor Food Chemistry: Impact of environmental growing conditions, processing and storage on oilseed and fruit and vegetable quality and nutritional value, with emphasis on enzymatic action, lipids and natural antioxidants.
John Erdman, Jr. Professor Emeritus Bioactive Food Components and Carotenoids: Dietary and non-dietary factors affecting absorption, utilization, and bioavailability of carotenoids; carotenoids and prostate cancer; soy and health; lutein and brain function.
Hao Feng Professor Food Engineering and Processing: Novel food processing technologies, acoustic energy (ultrasound) and its use in food and bioproduct processing, food safety intervention technologies for fresh and fresh-cut produce, new dehydration (drying) technologies, heat and mass transfer analysis.
Tim Garrow Professor Nutrition, biochemistry and genetics of folate, vitamin B-12 and sulfur amino acid and one carbon metabolism.
William Helferich Professor Nutritional toxicology: food safey and toxicology; effect of natural chemicals present in foods on chronic diseases such as breast cancer.
Elizabeth Jeffery Professor Emerita Nutritional toxicology and functional foods: anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects of non-nutritive dietary components, including isothiocyanates and indoles from broccoli.
Yong-Su Jin Associate Professor Microbial Genomics: Microbial bioconversion of biomass into value-added products, microbial genomics for linking genotypes and beneficial phenotypes.
Soo-Yeun Lee Associate Professor Food chemistry and sensory evaluation: assessment of properties of food consumer products using sensory methodologies; use of soy protein edible coatings to enhance quality and shelf-life of foods.
Youngsoo Lee Assistant Professor Food processing, rheology, and microencapsulation: microencapsulation of bioactive compounds and probiotics, rheology and texture of food, soy protein processing, and extrusion.
Zeynep Madak-Erdogan Assistant Professor Nutrition, genomics, molecular and physiological effects of phytochemicals present in food and natural and synthetic estrogens to resiliency to chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome and breast cancer, post-menopausal women’s health.
Michael Miller Associate Professor Food microbiology: functional genomics of lactic acid bacteria (LAB); food and industrial fermentations; gastrointestinal microbiology; food microbiology and safety.
Scott Morris Associate Professor Food engineering: nanoscale defect imaging and detection, and nanofluidic microbial transport; production systems modelling and optimization; food security and data-driven encryption and indication technologies.
Manabu Nakamura Associate Professor Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition: Function and metabolism of essential fatty acids in reproduction, inflammation and chronic diseases; nutrition education for prevention and treatment of obesity.
Shelly Nickols-Richardson Professor Determinants of obesity prevention and body weight regulation across the life span to lower the burden of chronic diseases, ranging from metabolic syndrome to osteoporosis. Impact of weight loss, weight loss diets and restrained eating on bone mineral density and bone metabolism and the interaction of nutrient intake and resistance training on bone health.
Graciela Padua Research Professor Food engineering: nanostructured foods and biomaterials. Food materials science.
Yuan-Xiang Pan Assistant Professor Nutrigenomics and epigenetics: nutrient-gene interaction and chronic diseases.
Shelly Schmidt Professor Food chemistry: characterization of water and solids mobility, typically using water activity, isotherms, glass transition temperature and NMR, in food materials and their relationship to the physical, chemical, and microbial stability of food systems.
Marcia Monaco Siegel Research Assistant Professor Infant nutrition: morphological and functional development of the gastrointestinal tract; impact of breast milk components on the small and large intestine and its associated microbiota; inter-specie comparison on gene expression profile between breast- and formula-fed neonates
Pawan Takhar Associate Professor Porous media modeling of fluid and species transport in food and biological systems; multiscale modeling of biopolymer thermomechanics; transport processes such as frying, drying and sorption; biopolymer expansion during extrusion; modeling at the nanoscale; continuum thermodynamics based fluid-biopolymer interactions; predicting quality changes in foods during processing; food engineering unit operations.
Kelly Tappenden Professor Nutrition and gastrointestinal physiology: regulation of intestinal function through optimization of nutrition support.
Margarita Teran-Garcia Assistant Professor Obesity prevention in children and young adults. Obesity and obesity-related diseases. Nutrigenetics, the impact of gene-environment interactions, in obesity prevention and vulnerable populations.