To Be Added to a Wait List for a FSHN Course

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Please follow the steps below to be added to a wait list for a FSHN course.

  1. According to the policy of our department, the ONLY requests that we will honor are those submitted to the online form. All other forms of communication (in person, via telephone, e-mail to instructors or staff, etc.) for a spot on a wait list will not be honored.
  2. Wait lists for FSHN classes will be opened at 8:15 a.m. one week before the start of classes. At that time, if you have been unable to register for a class, please fill out the form at the link at the bottom of these instructions.
  3. Only one course request will be allowed per form submission.
  4. Wait lists will be maintained until the official deadline to add classes has passed. After the deadline passes, all students still on the wait list will receive an email notification that they have been unsuccessful in getting a seat in the class.

Add yourself to a course wait list