Documenting Mentor Meetings

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Confirmation of Mentor Meeting

Make sure to verify your mentor contact every semester by using our online Mentor Meeting confirmation system:

Fall 2020 RDN Mentor Meeting Report

Please print off the email verification generated immediately after submitting your Mentor Meeting information online. This will ensure that you have record of it in case your Verification Policy requirements are audited, plus it will help you keep track of your submissions. Students should have a total of 8 recorded contacts upon completion of the undergraduate didactic program of dietetics in order to receive a verification statement which is required for entrance into a dietetic internship. One contact is required to be recorded per semester and only 8 submissions will be permitted during an undergraduate career so do NOT record more than one contact per semester. Meeting with RD must be made in-person or over phone. The ONLY case where it would be permissible to contact RD mentor over email is if student is studying abroad, however, if it is possible, arrangements should be made to contact RD mentor directly before or after study abroad experience to avoid email.

An example of the information that you will have to enter into the online database is shown below. The program director will randomly contact 10% of the students’ Dietitian Mentor per semester. The Dietitian Mentor may be asked to fill out a very short survey outlining the student’s progress in the program.

Sample Database Information

Dietitian Mentor Contact Information for Verification Statement
Mentor Information
Phone Number
Date of Contact
Length of Meeting
Type of Contact (mentor evaluation cannot be made through email) In-person OR Over the phone