Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Food Science and Human Nutrition Teaching and Research Labs

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition has excellent teaching and research facilities, including fully equipped chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and molecular biology laboratories.

The Department's teaching and research laboratories facilitate both learning and breakthrough research. Faculty and their students are working on food quality and safety issues, nanotechnology based solutions for in our signature research areas of integrated food, nutrition, and health; food materials science and engineering; biochemical and molecular nutrition; and, food safety and security.

In addition to using these facilities for laboratory courses, undergraduate students also have the opportunity to participate in research projects. Faculty generally have a number of undergraduate students working in their labs, both assisting graduate students with their projects, as well as working on projects of their own. Additionally, the FSHN Department has a James Scholar Program, which requires James Scholar students to participate in an undergraduate research project.

In addition to routine instrumentation, the teaching and research laboratories also contain sophisticated analytical equipment to facilitate cutting-edge research and to produce tomorrow's leaders in food science and human nutrition.