Samantha Kimball

Photo of Samantha Kimball
Samantha Kimball
Owner, SK Nutrition, Inc.

Go-getter and food science and human nutrition graduate Samantha Weiss Kimball started her own company, SK Nutrition Inc., to help school districts with food service operations. In starting the company, she wanted to address regulations and what goes on in school food on a scale beyond just the two school districts she was helping before.

“I really like that I see such a variety of school districts across the country,” Samantha says. “I get to help them and make their jobs easier, training them and feeding kids a nutritious meal.”

Samantha loves her career and credits the University of Illinois with providing her the tools to succeed, including the ongoing connection with her professors and advisor.

“They were always willing to help me and answer questions,” she says. “Whether it was internships or being involved in student organizations, there was such a wide range of things that shaped me and have helped me form this career.”

Samantha’s classes provided an enormous amount of information that she draws on every day in her career.

“Most of the classes I took as an undergrad are applicable to today,” she says. “Developing menus, coming up with industrial recipes, behavioral techniques, and developing a leadership and management style are all things I’ve used since graduating.”