Food Science and Human Nutrition Pilot Plant

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The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Pilot Processing Plant is a 10,000 ft2 food pilot plant serving the needs of the FSHN Department, along with others across the University. Housed in the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building on the University of Illinois campus, the facility has space for food grade production, as well as teaching and research activities.

Originally built in 1984, and stocked with equipment transferred from many locations across the College of ACES, the plant has remained essentially unchanged over the past 30 years, except for some equipment additions. Over the past few years, FSHN has committed additional staff time and financial resources to make small improvements to the facility. These have included improvements to cleanability, purchasing updated personal protective equipment, and relocating many pieces of equipment and infrastructure. Further, unusable equipment was removed and miscellaneous equipment was acquired from corporate donations and on-campus grants. To continue to meet instructional, research and economic development needs, an extensive renovation of the pilot processing plant is required. A significant investment in the FSHN Pilot Processing Plant Facility will have a far-reaching, long-term impact.

Please visit our Pilot Plant Renovation Website, or contact Matt Smith, Assistant Director of Advancement, to learn more or to make a gift in support of the pilot plant renovation.

A partial equipment list for the Pilot Processing Plant is displayed below, and sorted by the categories of raw materials processing, materials processing, thermal processing, extrusion, drying, canning, freezing, analytical equipment, and kitchen equipment. Equipment not included in this document may be available through other departments or laboratories across the College of ACES. To inquire about use of the facility or other questions, please contact Brian Jacobson (Assistant Director of Food & Bioprocessing Pilot Plant Operations) via the contact form or by phone at (217) 300-5404.

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