New help for living with diabetes: Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes website

September 9, 2014

URBANA, Ill. – No doubt you know at least one person with diabetes because the incidence of this disease is increasing every day. This disease affects not only the person with diabetes, but also the whole family.

Healthy eating is a cornerstone of diabetes management, and the newly updated University of Illinois Extension website, “Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes” gives people with diabetes—and the people who live with them—extra help in doing just that.  

Although there is no such thing as a “diabetic diet,” the website, found at, explains how food affects your blood glucose and why.

“Even people with diabetes may not understand how insulin and blood glucose work together. We wanted to show animations and examples so they would understand,” said Karen Chapman-Novakofski, a U of I professor of nutrition extension who developed the website.

"I’ve had type 2 diabetes since 2005, and it’s a struggle for me to maintain my weight. This is a great resource. I appreciate it,” said one visitor to the website.

The site contains background information about how diabetes is diagnosed, the difference between types of diabetes, and an explanation of possible complications of the disease.

“However, the major intention of the site is helping people with their food choices. People like to eat, and food is a big part of most social occasions. You shouldn’t feel left out if you have diabetes or live with someone who has diabetes,” Chapman-Novakofski added.

The site includes a practice page for making healthy meals, a glossary of terms you may not know, and other recommended websites.

The site is available in Spanish as well, and it has links to other U of I Extension sites that focus on diabetes, including “Diabetes Lifelines,” “Recipes for Diabetes,” and “Fiesta of Flavors.”



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