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Human Nutrition

In the Human Nutrition concentration students integrate chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology, sociology and nutrition to understand the impact of diet and lifestyles on human health. Students enter human services professions and health professional schools such as medical, dental and physical therapy.

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It is scientifically proven that there is a link between diet and disease, including oral health.

  • This concentration provides an understanding of human nutrition with in-depth focus on physiological and biochemical aspects of metabolism, coupled with an awareness of the nutrient composition of foods and the role of social and economic factors as determinants of food selection.
  • This concentration is best suited for those who expect to pursue advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry, law, public health, veterinary medicine or laboratory research in industry, academia, or government.
  • Employment options include health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary or medicine practices, and food, beverage and nutrition companies.

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Career Opportunity: Owner, SK Nutrition, Inc.

Samantha Kimball
Samantha Kimball
Samantha is a nutrition consultant that specializes in school food and nutrition. Her work includes working with a Food Service Management Solutions, a company focused on providing resources and tools to food service professionals. Samantha leads their School Menu Solutions team, helping districts across the country comply with the USDA Healthy Hunger Free Kids Acts.